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chemical reaction

Who said chemistry is boring? ;)


午後的梅窩碼頭 (at Mui Wo Ferry Pier 梅窩渡輪碼頭)

WEATHER: Super sunny & beautiful at 14.6 degrees Celsius. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!! (at Hong Kong International Airport | HKG | 香港國際機場)

Dear Bauhinia, why are you in tears?

This is awesome aerial cinematography - and it’s all Hong Kong! Check out their website and see their aerial drone:



At tech-free camps, people pay hundreds to unplug.

The overwhelming and endless stream of electronic alerts and messages on our computers, phones and tablets is driving demand for anew kind of summer camp for adults. “Technology-free” camps that force their campers to surrender their gadgets, wallets and that nagging “fear of missing out”—FOMO—are booking up fast.

In June, The Digital Detox held it first session of Camp Grounded, a three-day break from electronic devices in the Redwoods of Northern California. At a price tag of $350, the event sold out.

"You read articles about being present and being in the moment, and you kind of nod your head and you agree. But I don’t think you know what that means until you put everything away and you’re okay with where you are," says Anastasia Savvina, who attended the June camp.

Read more on NPR’s All Tech Considered blog.

(Photo courtesy of Scott Sporleder. Since digital cameras aren’t allowed at Camp Grounded, this is a scanned image shot by a film camera.)

And on the opposite side of the planet, everyone is craving for more bandwidth…

Inspiring image!

(Source: samslook)

Hong Kong directors make first Snowden film - [ v e r a x ] : Edward Snowden / 斯諾登 - Short Film (by JShotVideo)

This is an awesome set here…

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